Book Endorsements

This is one of the most comprehensive books available on alternative treatments for lung cancer. It explains the treatments used successfully by a health professional/cancer survivor of 38 years and by some of the leading medical and health practitioners currently in the field. It will be useful, not just for the lay reader, but also for therapists and others with a scientific background.

~G. Edward Griffin, Author of World Without Cancer, The Politics of Cancer Therapy, and other books and films. Recipient of the Telly Award for Excellence in Television Production. President of American Media.

Carl Helvie’s case is remarkable. This is a man of great courage, who has followed a natural approach to his life-threatening illness and this has resulted in a cure. This has to be impressive and his book deserves a wide readership, which I hope it will get.

~Julian Kenyon, MD, Medical Director, The Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine, London & Winchester, Founder President of the British Society of Integrated Medicine.

Lung cancer is both common and lethal. Dr. Helvie approaches this subject as both a health care professional and a lung cancer survivor. This book is extremely readable for all cancer patients and holds invaluable advice for beating this disease that is often called “a death sentence” if diagnosed in later stages of the disease. Dr. Helvie has not only offered his invaluable experiences as a cancer victor, but adds the wisdom of other world class experts on the subject of cancer treatment. If you or a loved one have lung cancer, then this book could become your ‘get out of jail free’ card toward recovery or at least a dramatic extension in quality and quantity of life.

~Patrick Quillin, PhD, RD, CNS; Author of Beating Cancer with Nutrition and Adjuvant Nutrition in Cancer Treatment, Organizer of 3 scientific symposia on nutrition and cancer.

If you are ever diagnosed with advanced cancer, the odds are very good that your oncologist will tell you that unless you immediately consent to chemotherapy you are going to die. This is a lie! I know, I have been treating conventional chemotherapy failures for years. Other than for leukemia or lymphoma, conventional chemotherapy is almost always a death sentence. There are so many more effective ways to treat advanced cancer, and Dr. Carl Helvie’s book, You Can Beat Lung Cancer: Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions, describes some of the most effective. In addition, his book is packed with references and information sources that will help anyone fighting cancer learn more about how to go about it successfully.

~Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD, ABAAM Medical Director, The Nevada Center of Alternative Medicine, Editor, Real Cures Newsletter, Author, The Type-2 Diabetes Breakthrough, Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy, and Bursting With Energy.

This is an excellent book! It is both a resource and an inspiration for cancer patients and their loved ones and caregivers.

~Richard Linchitz, MD, Medical Director, Linchitz Medical Wellness, Author of Life Without Pain

This is a valuable piece of writing, to give people hope that there are other ways back to health from cancer, than the ‘slash, burn and poison’ offered by conventional oncology.

~Robert A. Eslinger, DO, HMD, Medical Director, Reno Integrative Medical Center

In this fine book, You Can Beat Lung Cancer: Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions, Carl Helvie shares how he cured himself of his incurable cancer. Interested yet? The reader will appreciate practical advice on the biochemical, the nutritional and the spiritual factors which create health. I have been privileged to care for people with terminal cancer for over 20 years and agree with Carl that the best approach is to nourish the person, not attack the cancer. Common sense strategies so lacking in health care today can be found in these pages: cultivate a habit of service, create purpose in life, detoxify, replenish and support vitality.

~Bradford S. Weeks, M.D. The Weeks Clinic for Corrective Health,,,

Carl Helvie’s insightful journey through the terror of a diagnosis of lung cancer, usually a death sentence, shows us how we have an internal guidance system that can steer us through “the valley of the shadow of death”. His story is also that of the archetype of the wounded healer who emerges from a serious life-threatening illness with insights to help others facing similar challenges. With these new insights, healers such as Carl change the paradigm for the human race by rewriting the outcome of what before were nearly always fatal diseases. These wounded healers show us what is possible when we wake up to who we truly are.

~Susan E. Kolb MD, FACS, ABIHM. Author of The Naked Truth About Breast Implants.   Contributing author Goddess Shift: Women Leading for a Change and Optimism! by Stephanie Marohn.

We at the Life Extension Foundation field thousands of calls a year from cancer patients seeking alternatives to toxic FDA approved therapies. We are always pleasantly surprised when a cancer victim turns into a cancer victor by going outside the mainstream to aggressively implement multi-modal approaches to eradicate their disease. There is tremendous individual variability with each cancer case, meaning that alternative therapies can play an important role not only in mitigating toxic conventional treatment side effects, but also suppressing survival factors that enable cancer cells to escape destruction.

~William Faloon, Co-Founder, Life Extension Foundation