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A Message from the Author xii

Introduction 1

Part I: Overview of Lung Cancer 7
Chapter 1. Lung Cancer Overview: Types, Classification, Scope, Demographics, Etiology, Prevention, Politics, and Societal Responses to Alternative Treatments 8

Part II: Experience During and After Lung Cancer of a 38-Year Survivor 43
Chapter 2. Holistic Alternative Interventions Used 44
Chapter 3. Holistic Interventions to Prevent Recurrence 65

Part III: Medical Aspects – Alternative Interventions of Lung Cancer 91
Chapter 4. Alternative Medical Treatment at the Oasis of Hope: IRT-C for Advanced Lung Cancer – Francisco Contreras, MD 92
Chapter 5. Alternative Medical Treatment – Lung Cancer: At The Cancer Screening and Treatment Center of Nevada/Century Wellness Clinic – James Forsythe, MD, HMD 101
Chapter 6. Mind-Body Medicine – Bernie Siegel, MD 118

Part IV: Supplemental Aspects – Holistic Alternative
Treatment of Lung Cancer 129 Chapter 7. Nutritional Aspects of Lung Cancer – Kim Dalzell, PhD, RD, LD 130
Chapter 8. Protocel® for Lung Cancer – Tanya Harter Pierce, MA, MFCC 161
Chapter 9. Selected Physical/Environmental Interventions: For Treating Lung Cancer and Preventing Recurrence 199
Chapter 10. Selected Mental/Spiritual Interventions: For Treating Lung Cancer and Preventing Recurrence 228

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